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Tours between Cancun/Tulum

Tours between Cancun/Chichen Itza







Add one of our Personal Hosts for only $100. Details

Why book a CancunWithMe custom private tours?

Cancun With Me is putting together the best customized Cancun private tours in the area.  We don't "book" you for a tour with pre set stops that include tourist traps.  At the time of booking we work with you to come up with an itinerary that meets your wants and needs.  You set the pace, you select the locations, you select the pickup time, meanwhile we provide you with much information for you to make your choices.  Our private tours don't include the commercial or tourist trap stops like Ik Kill and souvenir markets unless you request them yourself.

Custom Cancun private tour details:

  • Rates do not include any admission fees, toll road fees, parking, meals or tips.
  • Rates are for up to 12 hours from time of pick up to time of drop off.
  • After first 12 hours, a $25 per hour or part off will be added.
  • All vehicles have the required insurance and documentation.
  • All vehicles have working A/C.

Why aren't the admission fees, tolls, etc included in the price?

We specialize in custom private tours, so because of the nature of our business we can't have rates that include all the admissions, tolls, meals, etc. as this will differ from group to group. Some other companies that offer Cancun private tours have a per person rate that includes everything.  It might seem convenient to see one set price, but the downfall is that they usually have a preset itinerary that you have to follow, and they usually include tourist traps and buffet stops that enable them to create larger profits but don't necessarily offer you a better experience.

After you pay your deposit for your private tour, we will help you come up with an itinerary that works for you, and during that time we let you know exactly what the costs of each of the excursions or attractions is, and any associated fees like parking, etc.

For your meals during your private tour we give you suggestions of different local restaurants that might be of interest to your group.  We also inform you about the average cost of the meals at these local restaurants.

Where can we go on our custom Cancun private tour?

Cancun With Me works with two main routes:

  • The Chichen Itza route, which takes us southwest into the state of Yucatan.  The main attractions in the area are Mayan ruins, Chichen Itza and Ek Balam. Cenotes are also very unique, and my favorite ones in the area are Xkeken and Samula. There is also Balam Kanche caves, San Bernardino convent,  Casa Venado museum, and the Tequila Factory.  This link has information regarding the Chichen Itza costs and options.
  • The Riviera Maya route, which takes us south along the coast line.  There are many more options of places to visit on the Riviera Maya route, some of the highlights are Tulum ruins, zip line parks, cenotes, horse back riding, etc.

We also offer a Personal Host service, for an additional $100

Why should I have a Personal Host?

Have you ever had that amazing, unforgettable travel experience visiting a new spot with the company of a good friend or relative living there? That is what our personal host service is all about. We want you to live and breathe the Riviera Maya and Yucatan, from the point of view of a local, not as a regular tourist or foreigner.

Our personal hosts are not concierges, certified tour guides, professional photographers nor licensed translators. However, they do help you handle little details and requests that will help your day go smoother. They also act as your translator, companion, coordinator, insider and even photographer if you wish. Our hosts try to interact as much as possible during the tours and use this interaction to grasp what our clients may want or need to have an even better experience.

The clients that truly appreciate the uniqueness of our service are those that have visited Cancun and/or La Riviera Maya many times before. We don’t necessarily hand hold our clients, instead our hosts try to be perceptive and try to quickly identify the unique needs of each of our guests and groups. Our personal hosts provide the insights and local contacts that tourists would have a hard time researching on their own, the type of knowledge you can acquire by living at a place for a while.

In addition our personal host help you stay away from tourist traps. Cancun and La Riviera Maya is full of tourist traps, spots that are promoted heavily by locals (concierges, bell boys, etc) mostly because of the commissions paid in return. We don’t take you to that great Jewelry store, or that “awesome buffet” next to the cenote. There is a reason you don’t see locals there.

Let your Personal Host help you to make of your vacations an unforgettable moment.

How do I book a custom Cancun private tour?

To book our tours is simple.  Click on the "book now" button underneath to pay us the $50 USD deposit via Paypal.  Once you make your payment you will be redirected to a page that has our email address and phone number.  Once we are in contact we can answer any questions you might have, and we can give you some suggestions.  Once you have your itinerary set, you can fill out the booking form we provide, and send it back to us.

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