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My name is Manny, and I am 100% Mexicubamerican!  For more personal information about me I invite you to visit my facebook page at http://facebook.com/CancunWithMe or myspace page at http://www.myspace.com/CancunWithMe 


What is CancunWithMe.com?
How did ¨CancunWithMe.com¨ come about?
Who is behind CancunWithMe.com?
Our commitment to you, our guests.

This is a picture of the Cancun waters taken by Manny from Cancun With Me



What is CancunWithMe.com 

CancunWithMe.com is our portal to the world to offer my tour guide and other services to the world. Currently we specialize in Cancun and the Riviera Maya, also known as PARADISE. However we can help you plan an unforgettable trip anywhere in the Mexican Republic. Here at CancunWithMe.com you can find many links to pictures taken of the cenotes like Casa Cenote, Cenote Dos Ojos, Cenote Taj, etc. You can also see a list of the different services we offer. More Info
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This picture was taken at one of the Dzitnup cenotes close to Valladoli and Chichen Itza


Picture taken at one of the beaches in Tulum, part of la Riviera Maya

Picture taken a windy evening at Tulum beach, in playa esperanza a magical campground

How did Cancun With Me come about?
My father moved to Cancun Quinta Roo about 5 years ago while I was living in Miami Florida. Spirit Airlines offers great prices for flights between Ft Lauderdale and Cancun Mexico, so I found myself visiting my father often.
One of my pet peeves was to see how many tourists got ¨trapped¨ in la zona hotelera of Cancun. Don't get me wrong, la zona hotelera in Cancun Mexico is a great place, full of great beaches, great night clubs, awesome high end shops and many restaurants with delicious local and international cuisine. However, the best part of paradise is south of Cancun, in la Riviera Maya. As a tourist it can be intimidating to travel south alone, so many times they either end up trapped in la zona hotelera or they end up paying for some overpriced tour.
At age 33 I realized that I was not happy in my current line of work, and spent some time thinking of a way to create a modest income for myself doing something I truly enjoy. That is how the concept of Cancun With Me started. I want to be a pioneer in Cancun and Riviera Maya giving the best personal tours, and/or providing Cancun and Riviera Maya guests with personalized itineraries tailored to each guest’s needs, budget, and interests or offer them my services as a private tour guide. Riviera Maya and Cancun are so diverse, that there are many different types of activities to satisfy anyone and everyone. More Info
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Who is behind CancunWithMe.com?
At the moment Cancun With me is a two person team, my father and myself with the full backup of a large travel agency, CancunVacaciones.com / Hotel-mx.com, owned and operated by my cousin.
My father, Fernando, is a great explorer. He has a very adventurous soul, and has found some great remote places here in Paradise. He is retired already, so has plenty of time to drive down local dirt roads until he finds a great remote spot, or until he is told to turn around because he is on private property. My father is very proud of being Mexican and loves to show off his country. In addition he is a great organizer, and knows how to make the most out of a trip. A good example is Xcaret. First two times I went to Xcaret, I went without him and had a blast, the 3rd time I went with my father and had and even better time. He knows what time to get to Xcaret, what activities to do first, what is a good time to start finding a good spot for the different shows, etc.
I, Manny, picked up my adventurous side from my father. I have learned and keep learning much from my father; in addition I am the one with the technical background, young spirit, and the itch for photography. I love learning and sharing my knowledge. That is why I never get board of going to the archeological sites like Tulum, Chichen Iza, Coba, etc., or cenotes, snorkeling trips, or just hanging out at the beach. Each time I go to a spot I learn something new.
Manny is responsible for the actual tour guides, driving around, taking pictures etc, while Fernando is responsible for creating the itineraries. More Info
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an underwater picture of Manny from Cancun With Me dot com


Manny from CancunWithMe eating fresh lobster.  I did catch it myself

Picture of Debora taken while she was visiting Cancun and La Riviera Maya with me



Our commitment to you, our guests.
Our main goal is for our guests to have an unforgettable time here in Cancun / Riviera Maya, in fact we want this to be the best vacation EVER for most people. It doesn't matter if you have been to paradise a few times in the past, or if it is your first time. With us you will have a unique and unforgettable experience.
We charge a modest price for our services, and then transfer all the savings to you. We help you locate the best deals, and we do not add a ¨commission¨ to those prices. Usually we try to offset the cost of our service by providing you with some great discounts we get as locals. In addition we keep you away from overpriced bad food and expensive bars, and encourage you to visit the best places that we locals frequent. More info
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What is CancunWithMe.com? – Continued
In essence Cancun With Me is a page designed to inform future visitors about all the great things Cancun Quintana Roo Mexico and La Riviera Maya have to offer. This is not just ¨another site¨ where we try to sell you some overpriced/generic tour of Cancun. You can think of CancunWithMe.com as your personal Cancun / Riviera Maya trip planner or private tour guide of Cancun and La Riviera Maya.
We can make arrangements to pick you up at the airport and drive you down to the place you will be staying at. We first take the time to listen to your wants and needs, and then we provide you with the best information/options to meet those wants and needs here in Cancun and La Riviera Maya. We can help you find great deals on hotels, time shares, or vacation rentals (condos). Since we do not make a commission on any of these services you can be assured we are looking for the best deal that meets your expectations.

CancunWithMe realizes that not everyone's idea of fun is the same, and that people have different expectations of how to spend their time in paradise. We strongly believe this will be the key to our success. We will do anything and everything with in our reach to make sure your time spent in Cancun / Riviera Maya is unforgettable. Our only advertising will be word of mouth, and we are sure we will have many repeat customers.
Besides picking you at the airport, we can also provide you with a tailored itinerary with detailed instructions as to how to get to the different locations, where to eat, etc. A good example of the advantage of letting us ¨tour you¨ is the snorkeling trip at Puerto Morelos. Usually they charge $25 to $30 per person for a snorkeling trip there. In exchange you end up snorkeling only about 30 minutes, on only two spots on the reef. If you take the tour with us, we literally take you to the reef ourselves, and we let you explore the reef as long as you want, while we follow you with our inflatable boat.
For those visitors that come to Cancun and La Riviera Maya on a budget, we can provide you with tips on how to have as much fun as those with a larger budget. Feel free to check out our services page so you can get a better idea of exactly what we offer

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How did Cancun With Me come about? – Continued
I realized that I had much knowledge of Cancun and la Riviera Maya, and in addition I have other interests and passions that all tie together to allow me to become one of, if not the best tour guide of Cancun and La Riviera Maya.
In the past I've travelled with large groups of people (8 or more), and the hardest part usually is getting the day started. Usually we rent a condo with a kitchen, and I am always the designated cook. Not to brag, but I do well in the kitchen. I know a few American dishes, and many Mexican dishes. Usually I cook breakfast ¨to order¨ as people wake up or are done with their shower. I have learned that people can be cranky when they are woken up, but if the aroma of a breakfast wakes them up instead, they tend to wake up less cranky. My family and friends love when I do this for them, and more than once they have mentioned that I should ¨sell my services¨ as a personal or private tour guide (finally I listened to them).
 www.CancunWithMe.com gives me the opportunity to integrate many of my interests, and the great scenery here in Quintana Roo makes for some amazing photo opportunities. This is the link to some pictures I have taken since I started working out of Cancun.
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Who is behind CancunWithMe.com? – Continued
I want to make it clear that CancunWithMe.com is a partnership between my father and me. As I mentioned before, we will work closely with other companies, mainly CancunVacaciones.com but we are not all the same company. Cancun With Me is not a travel agency, yet we do have access to great, in fact better deals, than most other travel agencies. When you contract us, www.CancunWithMe.com, we will act as your representative and find you the best deals. We will be like a one stop shop for all your travel needs here in Cancun and La Rivera Maya so that you do not have to contact all the different vendors yourself.

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Our commitment to you, our guests. – Continued
I took a couple of marketing classes in HS and in College, and one of the few things that I remember is that someone that has a great experience with a business might tell 2 or 3 people, while someone that has a bad experience will tell many more people about such bad experience.
We are sure we will be successful because we will not let anyone leave dissatisfied with our services. Our guests will always be in control of their vacation, Cancun With Me will only help them make it even better.
Cancun With Me is a venture for us to make a modest living, but the motivation behind the business is not purely monetary. Once you deal with us, you will quickly notice our excitement and joy to be able to be a part of your vacation, even if we are only providing you with an itinerary or if we are actually giving you a personalized private tour.
All that we ask in return is that if you find our services to be worth our price, to please help us spread the word, and if you are unhappy about our services please let us be the first ones to hear about it, so we can try and correct the issue ASAP.

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