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Why do you charge a booking fee?


When we do a booking, the tour provider reserves the spots for our clients.  If our clients are no shows, some of the tour providers impose a penalty fee on us since we did prevent them from selling those "seats" to someone else.


Are booking fees refundable?


If you cancel ALL of your booked tours with more than 7 days of anticipation you would receive a 50% refund on your booking fee.


If you cancel some of your tour bookings, but keep others, then there would be no refund.


If tours are cancelled by the tour provider, we will offer a rain check.  If all tours booked were cancelled (i.e. hurricane) we would offer a FULL refund of the booking fee.


Can I make modifications to my bookings?


You can make date changes to your bookings directly with the tour provider.  However if you wanted to add guests to a reservation, or reserve other tours, you would have to complete a brand new booking.


Why can't I see the price of some of the tours like Selvatica?


Some of the tour providers do not allow us to publicly advertise a lower price than they offer themselves.  To find out the price you can become a member and visit the tours page again, or you can visit the forums on the "Public tours offered by other companies" section and find the post that talks about the service you are interested in


Why don't you include guides at the archeological sites like the other tours do?


Most of the tours that include the guide at the archeological sites like Chichen Itza do so because they use the guides willing to take much less than their regular fee.  For example, the regular fee for a guide at Chichen Itza is 600 pesos.  You can talk most of them down to 500 pesos, but the good guides will not take less than that because it is easy for them to find someone willing to pay the full fare.  The bad guides, the ones who's English (or other language) is not as good, or those that don't have as much experience are the ones willing to take much less, hence the ones usually used by tour providers. 


Cancun With Me could hire a 200 peso guide for their clients, but the clients wouldn't get a good guided tour.  For those that are interested in a guided tour, we assume you do want a good guide, hence we assign you one that we can vouch for, and know will be giving you a good informational tour that you can understand.  Soon you will be able to interact with some of these guides right here on my site


Do I have to tip?


No, tipping is not mandatory!  However if you feel someone went our of their way to help you make your experience better, then tip them accordingly.  I will be blunt and state that Europeans because of their culture are not used to tipping because the "tip" is already calculated into their fee.  Here in Mexico, the service people often go above and beyond their responsibilities to earn their tips. 


For example, a drivers responsibility is to drive you guys anywhere you want to go but he/she is not your butler.  If the driver takes it upon himself to help you load your bags, watches your stuff at the beach while you go swim, etc then take note and reward him/her with a tip.  On the other hand, if you don't feel you got anything "extra" or the opposite (i.e. driver showed up late) then don't tip.

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