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Cancun With Me Custom Cancun Private Tours

Why CancunWithMe for your Cancun private tour?

Cancun With Me is taking a new approach to offering Cancun private tours.  We help you come up with a custom itinerary that works for you and those that will be joining you in your tour instead of having you chose from a list of different pre set tours that usually include tourist traps.  This makes us one of the only tour companies in Cancun offering true custom Cancun private tours.

How do CancunWithMe private tours work?

 We basically sell transportation at a fixed rate based on overall destination of private tour and group size.  We then help you plan out your day tour of up to 12 hours.  Our rates do not include any admission fees, toll roads, parking fees, meals, etc. The reason we don't include these fees in our rates is because we set up custom Cancun private tours, so the actual stops will vary from group to group.  Details

CancunWithMe offers the option to hire a personal host for your private tour! 

Another innovation is our concept of personal hosts for hire for your Cancun private tour.  For an additional $100 you can have one of our personal hosts join your tour.  This host will treat you as if you were a good friend or relative coming over to paradise to spend a day with them.  He/she will share general information, help you take pictures, make suggestions of places you might want to check out. etc.  Details


Group Size

Tours between Cancun/Tulum

Tours between Cancun/Chichen Itza







Add one of our personal hosts for only $100. Details
Cancun With Me specializes in custom private tours from Cancun.  I have created a new website, CancunManny.com where you can take advantage of my different preset private tours.!
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